U-Lipo : Shape your Body Smartly with U-Lipo treatment

About U-Lipo :
– U-Lipo is a simple, effective and healthy method to become slim, trim & healthy which is extremely difficult these days because of Improper diets, sedentary lifestyles, pregnancy, and little time to exercise .
– U-Lipo is a completely new way to reduce unwanted cms from the body which is first introduced in India by Prettislim.
– U-Lipo uses a new Ultrasound Lipolysis & Tripolar RF based system against conventional liposuction methods (conventional liposuction methods are expensive, surgery-intensive and painful) and making it a painless and non-surgical way to get rid of excess centimeters and get your body back in required shape.
– With U-Lipo, treatment is available for Tummy, Sides. Hips, Thighs, Face & Chin, Arms, Calf, Saddlebag, Lower Back, Upper Back and B-line.

U-Lipo works as per given below:
– U-Lipo’s Low Frequency Ultra sound technology produces Ultra sound waves which causes cavitation in the adipose tissue.
– It is very selective because only adipose tissue is being targeted.
– No other tissue is altered in the process.
– Advanced Tripolar Rf technology delivers the optimal RF energy to the dermal & subcutaneous layers.
– Its dense energy matrix penetrates into multiple layers of the skin, ensuring improved clinical efficacy & noticeably visible results.
– It targets the elastic fibres of the skin, which causes collagen regeneration, collagen remodeling & skin tightening.

Benefits of U-Lipo :
– upto 10 cms in U-Lipo session
– 8 once-a-week sessions of 60 minutes each.
– No Heavy Exercises
– Suitable for both Men & Women of all Age groups
– Done by Qualified Doctors
– Effective
– Painless, Without surgery & without any side effects
– Lose
– Convenient
– Economical
– Spot Reduction

Reasons to join join Prettislim :
– Prettislim is also open on Sundays.
– Prettislim launched U-Lipo first time in India, few years back.
– Prettislim is a Slimming & Body shaping clinic
– It is run by a team of qualified MBBS, MD Doctors, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, since last 8 years.
– With over 95% satisfaction ratings, It has thousands of satisfied clients from all strata of society.
– Till date thousands of clients have been successfully treated through U-Lipo for Slimming & Body Shaping.
– It the number 1 Slimming clinic of Mumbai with its highest number of satisfied clients.
– Located at Bandra (W), Andheri (W) and Kandivali (W).

Special Offer :
– Call now and get 50% OFF
– Easy EMI available for all major credit cards.

For more and detailed information, please Call on:
+91 8080808818

or sms‘SLIM’ to 56070


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