Therapy for Osteoarthritis at SBF Healthcare – Bangalore and Mumbai

About SBF Healthcare:
– It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
– SBF Healthcare and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. at Bangalore is founded by Wg. Cdr. (Dr.) Vasishta (Retd.), is now a medical facility visited by people from over 33 countries to avail of its new non-invasive SPMF technology.

Treatment Highlights:
– If any one is suffering from Osteoarthritis then Knee replacement surgery is no longer the ONLY option available to people.
– The treatment is painless and safe at SBF Healthcare.
– Patients who are suffering from Osteoarthritis will undergo this treatment for three weeks.
– At SBF Healthcare, with the help of computer controlled device, AKTIS administers sequentially programmed magnetic fields on the affected joint for 1 hour everyday as a part of the SPMF treatment.
– This treatment has no side effects and it increases the mobility in patients.
– As a benefit it treats problems ranging from the knee, lower back, hips and ankles.

Advantage of SPMF THERAPY at SBF Healthcare:
– The best part is that during the treatment patients can continue daily activities as before.
– It’s an very affordable option as compared to some surgical therapies for this issue
– It’s a non-invasive and safe treatment for Osteoarthritis
– It is an outpatient treatment
– There is no side effects for this therapy

Please Note:
SBF Healthcare is now offering FREE CONSULTATIONS.

from 18th -to- 22nd March 2014.
(5 Days).

You can call for more details and for an appointment on these HELPLINES:
For Mumbai: +9122 64523777, +9122 28374854
For Bangalore: +9180 42116555

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