Sandhiya Mehta : Know your Future, Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant

– She is an Ace Astrologer, Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant with third eye activated.
– She is been titled as “INDIAN NOSTRADAMUS with solution ” and also rewarded with precious INDIRA GANDHI PRIYADARSHINI and Rashtriya Ratan Award, NARI RATAN AWARDS.

– Recently In april 2016 she received the ’Pride of India* award by the hands of The Ex Chief Minister of Delhi. Smt. Shiela Dixit ji
– with her special Numerological and spiritual powers, Sandhiya Mehhta is helping people.
– Sandhiya Mehta sees and solves everything, fortune, stress, stability, progress etc by Passing third eye power.
– Aim of Sandhya Mehta is to flow more positive energies in your life.

– She do not just give predictions and sit as a numerologist. She communicate, consult and empower energies for a better life.

– As a specialist of number 4 & 8. She can turn worries about these numbers, into strengths and empowers fortune
to achieve true goals.

– Each person has an energy, and to balance the negatives to the positive they need to study these energies, and a
numcrological consultation with Sandhiya Mchhta is the first step toward this.

– To a person who seeks success, Sandhiya Mchhta’s system of numerological calculations will bring success, happiness and prospenty. And to those who are already successful it will bring sustainability, positive reinforcements, further success and an introduce to a new and higher perspective and lifestyle.”
– Urge yourself to become aware, learn about yourself, make a plan for the future, seek consultations to understand your life, for any age, for children or someone from any field of life should seek so.

– Get a solution for your worries, based on scientific spiritual researches backed by people successful in their fields.
– The consultation is best for all who seek solutions for any age group of children for successful result in all fields of life.

Appointment Timing :
Please contact
Between 10 am -to- 7 pm

For fees, All credit cards are accepted.

Address :
505, 5TH Floor,
Morya Land Mark 1,
Above Grillo Polis,
Nissan Showroom, Near Infinity Mall,
Lane of New Link Road,
Andheri (west), Mumbai – 400053.
Maharashtra, India.
+91 9819921673
+91 9769071673

+91 9654483695

022 26371670

022 26371671
022 40165672 (+9122 40165672)

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5 thoughts on “Sandhiya Mehta : Know your Future, Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant

  1. I am trying to immigrate to australia. Need to know i would be successful. My dob is 07-12-1987 . Looking for consultation. Could you please provide brief overview of the charges.


  2. Sandhya Mehta numerologist (Sandhiya Mehhta) is fake, please do not visit her, her staff will give a form to fill up what are the things you want to discuss with her. post which they will take 10000 from you first before even you meeting her and give you a 4-5 pages which has already been prepared basis only your date of birth which is standard details as per your star sign which will be common for anyone born on that date. After that in about 30 mins you will get to meet her for 30-45 mins where she will tell only negative things and only ask you to buy her solutions which is in the range of 50000 – 200000 which is again not 100 % guaranteed. She does not predict anything. Whatever is written by you in the form is what she will talk negative about. Just warning all of you, if you still wish to take chance and waste your money then it is your choice.

  3. Please tell me my best success way.How to improve myself and my family,our lives .Thanks ,Regards,
    Sarat Kumar Singh

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