‘Medora’ helps Achieve WeightLoss & Self Confidence with Self belief

Go for ‘MEDORA Upchar Padhati’ & see the desired results* for weight-loss


Medora Highlights :
– You can Lose up to 15 kgs
– No Harmful effects after use
– You will be not doing any hardcore exercises and dieting
– Use ayurvedic MEDORA upchar padhati for effective weight loss with ideal weight and shape to improve your life, without
having to follow any strict dieting and strenuous workout.
– After the completion of Medora Upchar Padhati course, your weight can be maintain with balanced diet and regimen.
– MEDORA upchar padhati helps in overall weight loss by increasing metabolism rate and contouring the body shape by reducing the cellulite.

– Results after course may get vary depends on person to person.

Special Gudi Padwa Festival Offer:

Rs.550/- is off*  on  3 months course only on Special Medora Upchar Padhati weight loss Programme.

For More details , Call:
Medora Clinic – Malad (Mumbai)
Mobile :- 8080472323

38 thoughts on “‘Medora’ helps Achieve WeightLoss & Self Confidence with Self belief

  1. How much does this programm cost and what is the duration of this course…?? Has it any side effects. And will it cause trouble for me later…

    • I am Dr Nitin kanani
      I help you in weight loss managmnet

      with my weight loss herbal homoeo formula you can losse slow and steady weight loss witthout regain after complete course

      generally different course depend on your BMI
      starting from 3 months to 9 month course and loose weight from 8 kg to 30 kg in course without any side effect and gain

      • I am interested in losing weight . You have mentioned in your comment that homeo medicjnes can help. Please advice.

      • Plz help me out from dis. After i one frist baby i ve gain lot of weight n now i dnt have for any work out plz help

  2. I would like to know if I take Medora upcharpadhati as required:
    Will there be any side effects once I complete the course?
    Will I put on weight, even more than now, once I complete the course?
    What is the period of the course?
    Is it safe to take homeopathy and allopathy medication with Medora?
    What is the cost?
    Please let me know the answer to all the above questions.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Bhesania

    • Please answer my questions mentioned. I would like to know if there are any side effects or would I put on more weight on completion of the course.
      Also, can I take any allopathic and Homeopathic medicine with Medora.
      What is the cost of the capsules, gel and oil?
      Thank you
      Mrs. Niloufer Bhesania

  3. Hi
    how much is the weight loss in 1 month
    is the offer of 550 for 3months still on
    are there any effects in future or are there chances of it affecting in future especially if one plans pregnency in the next
    what are the other products you have ..
    is there a particular site ..

  4. i have diabetes since 15 yrs and my weight is 104 kg ,can medora up char padhati help me for curing

  5. I would like to know if I take Medora upcharpadhati as required:
    Will there be any side effects once I complete the course?
    Will I put on weight, even more than now, once I complete the course?
    What is the period of the course? For hw long to I need to continue with Medora
    Is it safe to take homeopathy and allopathy medication with Medora?
    What is the cost?

    • I am 47 years old male and having a height of 6 feet 3 inches weighing 115kgs
      I want to know whether Medora Capsules can help me reduce my weight?
      Does it have any side effects.? What is the coarse period and does the weight regain after stopping the coarse.
      My cell No 9869626120

  6. 1) What is the term of the course ?
    2) After the term is over, how do I maintain my weight ?
    3) From where do I get Medora ? What is the cost ?
    4) Are there any type of side effects ?
    5) Can I carry on with my homeopathy and allopathy medicine along with Medora ?
    On receipt of reply to all my above queries, I will decide on starting the course.

  7. this is to inform all the users of medora, I did use the product obediently for two months, the gel that was required for the third month started developing fungus and when I askec the concerned person he first answered my phone and asked me to call in half an hour but then switched off his phone and is not traceable. The other guy (Mr. Dinesh Tiwari) who delivered me the products, I complained him about the same he gave me the following answers every time I called him:
    1. I cannot do anything please contact the customer service desk of the company.
    2. (after contacting the customer service) I will deliver the product to you by End Of the Day.
    3. I am very busy, I cannot deliver the product to you before 2nd August; and when I asked him as in to how can I continue the course? he said that just have the capsules, those are enough.
    by reading this I hope all the customers must have understood “how good” medora family is.

  8. Please do not join this business or do anything to do with this company Medora. when I called up to know about the weight loss program. A guy called Karan picked up. when I informed my weight he started laughing. I asked him why are u so insensitive, to which he continued laughing. I got angry with his behavior where he was very insensitive and racial towards fat people. and worse then he went on to be abusive too. I advice people having weight issues not to ever call Medora. the proof is that this guy Karan 9819916979 can be very very abusive too. He even called me names. Please dont get insulted because of your weight by anyone.

  9. These claims are false and misguiding people. There is no scientific proof to back these claims. Under section 3 and 4 of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954, it is prohibited to advertise treatment and cures for certain diseases and disorders that include diabetes, obesity and sexual problems. Hence, we took action against manufacturer under the Act,’’ said Patil.

    The manufacturers of the products, most of whom are based in Haridwar, have been sent notices under the Act, said Patil. The six products are Japani oil for male sexual health problems, SpeedHeight capsules for increasing height, Ratan’s Pursharth massage oil for sexual problems, Medora oil and gel for obesity and fat reduction, breast care capsule and oil for breast enlargement and Safed Musli Power Plus for sexual problems.

    According to Patil, the notice has asked companies to immediately stop fake advertisements in newspapers as well as withdraw all leaflets, literature, banners and stickers provided for marketing oils and capsules that are misleading. DNA newspaper report


  11. Is there any age limit?
    or anyone can take this?
    how can I order ? and where I can order?
    how much it will cost?

  12. 1. Can I carry on with my homeopathy and allopathy medicine along with Medora ?
    2.tell me the total cost of this treatment .
    3.Wat is d duration of d course n wat is d fee structure??
    Please reply me.

  13. Hi

    Greetings…. I had seen the adv. in Mumbai mirror for wait loss with ayurvedic treatment.

    I need the some doubts can you please clarify

    What is the time period of the course and how much the cost. As i am a computer operator with low salary. kindly reply with details so that i can plan for take the course or not.


  14. I used this tablet fr 15 days to my shock I lost my periods.. I chkd pregnecy test which said negetive.. I wasnt under any othe medication othe rthan this medhora.. N my thyroid galnd is paining.. Guys whn I cld thm thy said their doctor on tour.. Saturday thy Wil Cal.. Pls b careful

  15. heyy hi guyss im sonam here i took medora capsules n been using it from one n half mnth ago but there are no results dizz advertisememts are making ppl fools n we call for some query in help desk agents does not respond properly dey promised to call back bt no one reports as when they wnt orders dey call us 100 tyms bt aftr purchasing no one revertss..

    • Medora medicine insists weight loss i put on my weight this all says to money back guarantee n all but all is fek never replied my call ya mesg

  16. I want to reduce my weight after my delivery I have put on lot of weight I want to know the prices of the capsules

  17. I am using medora since 3 months but I did notloss my weight .now I don’t believe in their products .I am very disappointed.

  18. Hi,
    I want to lose at least 5kg weight. I am working in IT industry so movement of body is very less. Increasing weight continuously . I want to know about Medora capsules. How much it is safe or is there any other product which I should refer?

  19. I used Medora pills and started having terrible stomach ache and loose motions.

    Please do not use it. Waste of money. They have charged INR 2000/- for 3 bottles of pills.

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