Lifespan’s Personalized Annual Plans with constant and personalized care

LifeSpan is a Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Clinic with World’s largest chain of diabetes management clinics aims to make world without diabetes.

Lifespan has introduced Personalized Annual Plans for diabetic patients as diabetics needs constant care and a personalized, professional team to manage their diabetes.


Why Annual plans ?
– Because Every diabetic has unique issue.
– Every diabetic’s needs are different.
– After doing comprehensive research and being a pioneer in diabetes preventive care Lifespan is offering annual care packages, which are specially designed after understanding patient’s unique lifestyle, dietary habits, nature of work, family history, personal medical history and current fitness.
– A diabetic body requires regular blood sugar examinations. That is why Lifespan’s Personalized Annual Plans come with a glucometer.


Features of Annual Plans :-

– Keeping in mind the interest of every diabetic patient, these personalized annual plans come with following features:
1. Annual plans seek to make patient healthier, control patient’s blood sugar levels and warn patient about future complications.
2. Another most important feature is set of Lifespan R.I.S.C. test and near about 73 pathological tests.
3. Unlimited consultations with our Diabetologist and Dietitian.
4. Target based treatment where you as a patient are involved in patient’s treatment and specific health goals are sent.
5. All the annual plans are very economical, so as to be accessible to the maximum number of diabetics.
6. “Special home care kit ” is the very most powerful feature of this annual plan is “Special home care kit” worth Rs.6000/- which is given absolutely free.


The special home care kit consists of:
1. – Glucometer – Especially for self monitoring of blood glucose which is most important aspect in diabetes care.
2. – First aid kit for diabetics – A diabetic can reach out to this extremely useful kit in case of an emergency as the primary basic treatment.
3. – Plate for Diabetics – The plate gives you information on what food groups to choose for your meals which will fulfill your hunger, not increase your weight as well as give you the nutrients required throughout the day.
4. – Value coupons enables you to buy specific diabetic products at a value.
5. – Outsmart Diabetes book is the book which answers your everyday problems of living with diabetes.
6. – Pedometer is useful as Everyday exercise measurer and motivator.
7. – Lifespan Companion diary helps you monitor your daily activities in a user friendly way. It also encourages you to write down your queries so that during your visit you can clear your doubts.
8. – Inspirational cards for diabetics – it provides a quick reference to important information in regards to diabetes management. The cards also double-up as regular playing cards.

Here we have to note few things which are as follows:
– R.I.S.C. test is an advanced, non-invasive health complication analysis that helps in the effective management of diabetic complications.
– It is not a blood sugar test.
– It is noted that R.I.S.C. test should be taken periodically or often (as advised by your physician).
– Results will vary based on individuals and compliance.
– Preventive Health checkups like the RISC test are eligible for deduction under the section 80D of The Income Tax Act, upto Rs. 5000/-.

Need Lifespan’s Full Care ? Call now on :-
18002670127 between 10 am -to- 7pm


List of Lifespan Locations at Mumbai with contact numbers :
– Worli: 022 61397371
– Lower Parel : 022 24913000
– Borivali : 022 28619440
– Vasai : 0250 3298933
– Vashi : 022 27800728
– Thane : 022 25396989

Lifespan has also it’s clinics in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Cuttack & Goa.

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