LifeSpan Diabetes Clinic’s R.I.S.C. treatment for New Diabetecs

Diabetes or high blood sugar? If yes then a person may be at risk for future health complications.

A person can Lower risk with R.I.S.C. Smart Treatment, available at Lifespan.


What is R.I.S.C. Smart Treatment
– R.I.S.C. Smart is 4 Months Treatment Plan
– It gives affordable Diabetes Care

Lifespan’s R.I.S.C. Smart Treatment includes
– Consultation With Diabetologist
– Personalized Diet Plan
– Home Visit For Blood Test
– Targeted Treatment
– IGHA Test
– R.I.S.C. Test
– Other Key Tests : ECG, Retinospan, Footspan

Lifespan also has Annual Plans with Full Year Treatment Plan

Contact :
Call: 1800 3000 1892 for COMPLETE DIABETES TREATMENT

Website :


Locations of Lifespan :
Worli: 022 33171071,
Goregaon: 022 28714443.
Upper Juhu (Andheri West): 022 26743453,
Borivali: 022 28619258,
Vasai: 022 39432312.
Thane: 022 25396989,
Vashi: 022 27800728.


Business Note :
– Lifespan invites franchisees in unrepresented areas Number 022 33171000 or email at

Important :
– Please note that results will vary based on individuals and compliance.
– The above details and information are based on the data available with Lifespan’s medical team.

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