Full Care for Diabetes at LifeSpan Clinic with R.I.S.C. Test

Highlights of Lifespan Clinic :
– Lifespan is India’s first series of diabetes and metabolic clinics.
– A Patient can extend the health of life at Lifespan clinic.
– At Lifespan diabetes and metabolic clinic a patient can get Full Care for diabetics as Lifespan has introduced the R.I.S.C test for the first time in India.
– Lifespan has multi-disciplinary medical team of consultants, dieticians and diabetes counselors who provide comprehensive care with dedication.
– Clinic has very dedicated team of professionals provides ample patient support and implements the latest approaches and technologies for patient’s benefit.
– LifeSpan also provides FREE diabetes education & guidelines on diet & weightless with certified panel of doctors.
– Please not the thing that results will vary based on individuals and compliance

About R.I.S.C. test at Lifespan diabetes clinic Mumbai:
– As per the clinic, a patient can get Full Care for diabetics at clinic with Lifespan’s R.I.S.C. Test which is a single, quick, non-invasive and completely ,, yes ….. completely painless test that takes only 7 mins.
– The best thing here is that the test report is provided to patients instantly.
– This screening test measures 30 vital health indicators associated with diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders in a time-saving and cost-effective way.
– It can help to detect cardiometabolic related problems, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, arterial stiffness and sudomotor abnormalities.
– As per the clinic, this R.I.S.C. test helps to determine how much risk patients are at for being diabetic and if patients are diabetic, it helps measure various risks associated with the disease.
– Based on the test results obtained, clinic’s expert doctors and dietitians will assist patients in managing diabetes.

Reasons to take appointment at lifespan clinic:

There are five reasons t take your appointment today at Lifespan clinic.

1. You get full diabetes care at lifespan

2. You get 30 minutes attention with dedication by doctor to understand and solve your issues.

3. In depth test of  30 very vital health indicators for your present and future diabetes and meta bolic problems is covered with Get comprehensive RISC test at Lifespan.

4.   As mentioned before , technology used by lifespan clinic is latest so that at lifespan you can connect to your doctor anytime, anywhere via phone, sms, video consultation and guidance with web-chat and email.

5. Are you not in your hometown and now you want treatment out of your city ? Don’t worry. Lifespan now has it’s presence in 5 major cities of India which includes Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and cuttuck and it is growing further. Get an easy access at anytime with Lifespan Clinic.



Preventive health checkup like the R.I.S.C test is eligible for deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act up to Rs 5000/-.


Planning for Full Care ????,
Call Today on 18002670127
(Between 10am -to- 7pm)
– Clinic is also open working on Sundays.

Website : http://www.lifespanindia.com/
Facebook : www.facebook.com/lifespanindia
Twitter : www.twitter.com/lifespanindia
Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/company/life-span-india

Locations of Lifespan Clinic:
– At Lower Parel: IPC, A103/104, Prathamesh Building, Raghuvanshi Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel(W), Mumbai -400 013, Phone: 02224913000.
– At Borivali: A – 301, MrudKishore Building, Behind Gokul Shopping Centre, Near Platform No. 8, S. V. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai -400092. Telephone No. 022-28619440.
– At Kalyan: IPC, Desai Shopping Centre, B-102, First Floor, Vallipir Road,Bail Bazar, Next to Zozwala Petrol Pump, Kalyan (W) – 421301.
– At Worli: Seagull Villa, Sir A. G. Khan Road, Near Worli Sea Link Exit, Mumbai – 400030, Phone: 02261397397.
– Clinic also has it’s branches in Bengaluru (Bangalore) and Hyderabad.


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6 thoughts on “Full Care for Diabetes at LifeSpan Clinic with R.I.S.C. Test

  1. visited the Life Span @ Bangalore,
    while it is VERY expensive Rs 2400/ for RISC tests and another Rs 1000/ for consultation!!
    It is very disappointing experience on that a patient benefit/ value add from these consultations!!

  2. Visited RT nagar LifeSpan center for Diabetes checkup.
    I though it is time and money waste.
    We have to provide our blood report and what medicines we are taking.They will do some RISC test,it will give some graphical pictures.On that they will tell some ….
    Finally I am not happy .

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